About me

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Look forward a few years.

When I was younger I always wanted to play professional basketball. After realizing I was more likely to get eaten by a shark than play in the NBA, I figured it was best to pick up another sport. I started playing lacrosse in fourth grade and a few years after that began playing year-round. At this point I had fallen in love with the game.

Look forward a few years; I’m lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to continue my career at the University of Oregon.

My mom worked at a photography studio since before I could remember, I always thought it was neat that she worked with cameras, but I never thought twice about picking one up myself. I started taking (really bad) pictures in high school and even though the first few thousand pictures I cranked out were terrible, I kept up photography as a hobby. As I took more and more photos throughout the years, believe it or not, the quality got better!

 Look forward a few years; I’ve taken thousands and thousands of pictures and now they’re the focal point of my portfolio.

Uncertainty is a huge reason why I love what I’m doing and love where I am.

The uncertainty on the lacrosse field is what makes the sport so dynamic. I’ve put thousands of hours in on the field and not one situation has replicated itself. The thought of “what might happen next possession?” is why I love the game.

The uncertainty of what is produced by my eye and the camera is always exciting; are the hundreds of pictures I just took going to look even better than I imagined?

Uncertainty drives me.

Look forward a few years; where will uncertainty take me?